Monday, March 9, 2009


Okay, the news is huge and the promotional blitz is huge (and smart), right on the heels of the new album’s release. But now that the tour dates have been announced – U2360, HERE I COME!! (God willing) – and the album's on the cover of Rolling Stone and they're all over the telly and the papers … well, see, No Line on the Horizon has only been out for a week, and I am still falling into its remarkable, reverent, soaring spaces.

Meditative, reverent, yes, epic, grungy and sexy, mind-altering…all of these creative currents pull you into an alternate universe, one that deserves time and contemplation. And the promotional BOOM-CHA! is really messing with my ambience, man. I don’t want to PARTY ON, DUDE just yet …

so now that I know the concert dates and the on-sale date and I’ve seen the virtual tour of the stage set-up – okay, for THIS I will suffer a stadium setting – I will close the multi-media doors on everything U2 (except interviews with the guys themselves), and simply live in this spine-tingling music for awhile.

If you pray; if you’ve wanted to change the world; if you want to know how faith grows up in a schoolyard world; if you love big rock’n’roll and (or) Eno’s ambient dreamscapes all rolled into one … If any one of these is you, I invite you to listen to this record with me.

Get on your boots, yeah.

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